Custom geospatial
software, hardware
and integration

Our mission is to advance the interoperability
of people, machines, and systems with innovative
software and hardware components.

About Us

Spatialnetics is based on the three pillars of Collaboration, Innovation, and Experience.


Successful projects require taking into account the ideas, skills, experiences and opinions of everyone involved. By working together collaboratively, we can help goals become aligned and deliver successful results for all those involved.


To react to changes and discover new opportunities, innovation is required when building new products or services. We take an inovative aproach to all our activies.


A wide set of experience is needed to use knowledge to the fullest extent. Spatialnetics combines both education and experience to deliver solutions that are well built and fit for purpose.

Services We Provide

Spatialnetics builds upon both closed and open source software, with an
emphasise on modular components that enable interoperability between systems and people.

Team Members

Covering a wide range of experience and training, the Spatialnetics team

is well equiped to tackle any challenge.

Danny Neville

Managing Director

Danny has held multiple roles throughout his career leading up to the Managing Director of Spatialnetics including software developer, team lead, designer, development manager, and product manager. Across these roles he has combined a talent for understanding new technology with positive and effective communication skills. His core passion is improving perception and interaction with high quality 3D reconstruction and visualization. To achieve this he leads the team to develop well designed systems with a solid base of format parsing and data management to support 3D and 4D tools.

Matthew Davis

Director - Commerical

Matthew Davis has acquired over 15 years of domestic and international technical sales support, contract management and senior leadership roles throughout Canada specializing in ocean technology and industrial sectors. His previous experience includes roles such as a Senior Manager of Contract Management and Regional Business Development for a leading industrial and technical services provider, over 5 years of management, sales and technical support experience of acoustic products and oceanographic instrumentation from a local Dartmouth ocean technology supplier, and most recent as acting VP and General Manager for a leading Canadian ocean technology provider. Matthew leads our Commercial & Business Development functions within Spatialnetics.

Blaine Carr

Director - Technology

With 30 years of civil and electronics engineering background Blaine Carr has been employed around the world on various projects, from pipeline and cable lay to 2D high resolution hazard and site surveys. Specialties include remote data acquisition, geophysical and hydrographic mapping, ROV and geotechnical investigations as well as disaster recovery and R&D projects for the offshore marine science community with contributions towards seismic array, USV, and underwater camera system development. Blaine advises our team on current and emerging technologies and innovations to offer our clientele.

Finley Beaton

Director - Systems Development

Finley Beaton is an Electronic Engineering Technologist with over 15 years of experience. His education and experience has gained him knowledge in the inner workings and operation of electronic systems in a wide range of sectors including marine, agricultural, communication and environmental. Specialties include vessel navigation & positioning instrumentation installation, geophysical and hydrographic mapping systems, and autonomous system and platform development. Finley heads the development of our hardware systems in conjunction with our software innovations.

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